Maximise your revenue by attracting more business travellers

Business travellers are an interesting target group to increase your turnover. Discover why those guests in business suites, might suit your hotel or B&B.

April 26, 2019

Why should you attract more business travellers?

Increase of occupancy rate

Business travellers book trips all year long, mostly out of peak season. Having a lot of business traveller bookings can lead to an increase in occupancy rate, especially during low season.

Even more good news: The global business travel spending is forecasted to increase by 7% by 2020!

Maximise your revenue by attracting more business travellers
"In comparison with other guests, business travellers are 50% less likely to cancel and 60% more likely to book the same property again in the future."


Increase of average daily rate (ADR)

Every type of traveller is looking for a different, relevant service. Families with kids have other needs than backpackers or seniors. If you want to attract business people, search for useful amenities to offer. Those expansion opportunities do not only increase your average daily rate (ADR), but also increase the chances of returning customers.

How can you attract more business travellers?

It's important to offer amenities that business travellers are looking for.

  • Provide a pickup service from and to the Airport or Railway Station.
  • Make sure their stay is stress-free by offering a special relax-arrangement or creating a stress-free zone.
  • Provide a space as a meeting room or workspace.
Maximise your revenue by attracting more business travellers

Have your ever heard of bleisure travel? Business travel + leisure travel, it's a trend! more and more professionnals are adding a couple of days to work trips. They might even bring their family.

Convince business travellers with a special business rate! Offer companies a discount code that they can use on the next stay.

  • In Cubilis you can make discount codes for every room type.
  • Via the extranet of your booking sites you can add pcitures of your business amenities and mention the possiblity of a business rate in the description of your accommodation.

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