Optimise your pricing for maximum revenue

Struggling to determine the right prices for your hotel rooms, B&B or holiday home? Optimise and automate your pricing thanks to Pricing Manager and benefit from 365 days of data-driven price recommendations!

Automated pricing to boost efficiency

Optimal room prices for 365 days ahead

Maximum revenue and profitability

Optimise your pricing to maximise revenue

Without optimal prices for your accommodation, you’re inevitably missing out on revenue and bookings. In order to maximise earnings, your rates should be in line with the market.

Pricing Manager turns guesswork into revenue growth by providing optimal price recommendations based on:

  • Demand & events
  • Competitors
  • Your own preferences

Save time thanks to automated pricing

Manually monitoring the market and setting the right prices accordingly is highly time-consuming. Pricing Manager automates this process, significantly reducing your workload and saving you hours of time every day.

How does it work?

  • Daily price recommendations for the next 365 days in a user-friendly dashboard;
  • Optimal prices based on accurate market data & your settings;
  • Instantly updated prices on your booking channels via the Channel Manager integration.

Easily optimise prices on all your channels

Adjusting prices manually can be complex and prone to errors, especially if you use multiple distribution channels to sell your rooms. Pricing Manager integrates seamlessly with our Channel Manager for maximum efficiency.

  • Price recommendations can be pushed directly to your OTAs, own website and other channels.
  • Minimal time & effort, so you can focus on your guests.
  • The most efficient way to implement a profitable pricing and distribution strategy.

Try our Pricing Manager on a 14-day free trial basis

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