Choose from over 400 integrations

We connect you with over 400 partners across the globe, in real time. Always based on your needs. These integrations do not only secure a higher turnover, they also provide you with a highly professional image.

Wide choice of OTAs

Secure, stable connections

Higher turnover

Go for maximum online findability

  • Choose from over 200 online booking partners (OTAs)
  • Both national and international players, business as leisure.
  • We are an integration partner of Google through Google Hotel Ads.

Install trust

  • Ensure stable connections.
  • Choose from a wide number of online payment partners (PSPs) such as Mollie, Stripe, etc. to deliver a safe and secure payment process.
  • We are PCI-compliant and meet the strictest security standards.

Increase your turnover

  • Boost your turnover per room with the Oaky upselling tool.
  • Connect with a Revenue Management System such as RevControl and IDeaS.

PCI Compliant

We are PCI-compliant, which means we meet the strictest security requirements. This allows us to offer assurances that your guests’ personal and financial data are processed with full confidentiality and without any compromise on security.

Choose from our 400+ integration options