New milestone: Stardekk joins Lighthouse!

We’re thrilled to share that Stardekk is joining Lighthouse, the leading hospitality commercial platform. This move represents another advancement in both firms’ commitment to empowering the hospitality industry with a single platform to drive revenue growth.

February 15, 2024

Who is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) is the leading commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industry. The platform offers actionable market insights, business intelligence, and pricing tools that maximise revenue growth.

Lighthouse continually innovates to deliver the best platform for hospitality professionals to price more effectively, measure performance more efficiently, and understand the market in new ways. Trusted by over 65,000 hotels in 185 countries, Lighthouse is the only solution that provides real-time hotel and short-term rental data in a single platform.

What does this new milestone mean? 

We will continue building our product suite, now with even more resources. The Stardekk team, tools and product capabilities will continue to expand, from our office in Bruges. By joining forces with Lighthouse, we will be able to combine our strengths and develop them further.

Creating an effective pricing strategy and managing channel distribution can be complex in today’s fast-changing and highly competitive market. That’s why the Stardekk platform will be reinforced with Lighthouse's pricing intelligence.  

The combined pricing and distribution tool will allow our clients to discover hidden insights, spot opportunities in the market, and make fast, data-based decisions in an automated way. With this innovative solution, hospitality professionals can strengthen their competitive position, increase revenue and maximise profitability. 

Why did we join Lighthouse? 

Stardekk has always been dedicated to empowering hospitality professionals with easy-to-use, powerful tools. In addition to sharing this vision with Lighthouse, our capabilities complement and reinforce each other perfectly. We will be able to develop our joint strengths further, offering immense value to our clients by driving revenue and profitability.

Together, Stardekk and Lighthouse aim to bring advanced distribution tools and pricing insights to the hospitality industry, so accommodations can optimise their commercial strategies. We are confident that this joining of forces will enable us to deliver even more innovative solutions to help our clients thrive.

Stardekk stays by your side as a loyal partner!

The success and satisfaction of our clients remain our top priority. We look forward to continuing to serve hospitality professionals with personal support and innovative solutions.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below.

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