Boost your commission-free bookings

Integrate a booking module in your own website, offer a smooth and secure booking process and avoid having to pay commission fees to external booking channels. Never miss a single direct booking.

Pay less in commission fees

Clever price comparison tool

Secure online payments

Pay less commission fees to third parties

  • Enable customers to book directly on your website.
  • Stop paying commission fees to third parties.
  • Win them over by offering the lowest price.

Clever price comparison tool

  • The Ratebox shows customers all prices on all channels at a single glance.
  • Always offer direct customers the best price.
  • Encourage potential guests to book right here right now using the ‘Book Now’ button.

Secure online payments

  • Create a quick and user-friendly booking flow.
  • Connect your booking module to the secure payment provider (PSP) of your choice.
  • Install trust with a professional booking tool in your own look & feel.

Offer multiple accommodations online

  • Link multiple accommodations to your booking module.
  • Ideal solution for hotel chains, tourist offices, etc.
  • Add extra booking options (arrangements, tickets, etc.).

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