Stardekk supports CKG Sint-Clara after sporty challenge

The employees of technology company Stardekk in Bruges started the new year with a big lead in sports. During the dark December month, all 55 employees were challenged to participate in the #StardekkOnTheMove Challenge, a sporting competition between the various teams within the company.

January 15, 2021


At Stardekk, too, there was a switch to compulsory home working at the beginning of March 2020. As a result, employees not only lost some of their normal daily exercise, but social interaction and bonding also suffered. To bring some change to this, Stardekk launched an internal team competition. The winning team received a blank cheque of €500 to spend on a good cause of choice.

The rules were simple: earn as many points as possible with your team. Points could be collected with every form of movement, whether it was walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. With the assistance of the Strava App, all achievements were tracked and the community vibe was boosted at the same time.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm and creativity. From walking meetings among colleagues, the (re)discovery of Bruges via the Wintergloed track to long walks on the beach and special Strava-art routes, each team put its best foot forward and even less sporty colleagues found a fun challenge here.

"We keep the positive team spirit among colleagues alive in isolated times of homework and online calls."

Matthias Vandamme, HR manager

€500 to CKG Sint-Clara

The winning team of the #StardekkOnTheMove Challenge - the Customer Care department - was honoured on Friday 15 January by Franky Demon, Deputy of Sport of the City of Bruges and Vincent Goemaere, CEO of Stardekk. After the homage, CKG Sint-Clara received a cheque worth €500. This Bruges-based Centre for Child Care and Family Support provides expert, tailor-made help to families whose parenting situation is in danger of getting stuck.

Stardekk also gave the winners an extra team-building budget of €500 to support the HoReCa. The City of Bruges also rewarded the team with sporting gadgets.

Stardekk supports CKG Sint-Clara after sporty challenge

"Our employee Tine Vuylsteker deserves a special mention here. During the challenge, she performed top-class sport. In one month, she jogged 67 km, walked 73 km, cycled 78 km, swam 8 km and did 16 hours of other workouts and yoga. We were therefore happy to choose to support her proposed charity", says Vincent Goemaere, CEO of Stardekk.

With this action, the company brings out the #StardekkDNA in all its employees. "We keep the positive team spirit among colleagues alive in isolated times of homework and online calls. It's also nice that several colleagues have already suggested a spring or summer edition. Hopefully, we will then be able to sport together again," concludes Matthias Vandamme, HR Manager at Stardekk.

About Stardekk

Stardekk is a Belgian company offering a complementary set of award-winning SaaS solutions for the hospitality sector. More than 3500 hotel accommodations in 50 countries rely on Stardekk's software package to manage their reservations. Stardekk is the IT partner of choice for major players in the industry, such as, Expedia, Google and AirBnB.

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