Stardekk responds to Takeaway trend and helps customers generate more than 1 million euros in revenue.

The Corona crisis is affecting the HoReCa sector hard. Social distancing and other security measures were already major challenges. The compulsory closure of restaurants and other eateries led to a huge increase in Takeaway services. Stardekk responded to this trend with a successful Takeaway Tool.

December 14, 2020

Corona as a catalyst for digitisation

Additional security measures such as compulsory guest registration, as well as the boom in Takeaway services, accelerated digitisation in the restaurant sector. As a Hospitality Tech player, Stardekk was therefore ready with an appropriate software solution to support their customers.

"We support the hospitality sector in various ways. For example, during the first lockdown we organised a series of free webinars and developed the free gift voucher platform Younight. We follow the market closely and immediately saw the need for Takeaway Software. As a result, we optimised our existing Takeaway Tool, which until last year could only be used for the holidays. Moreover, we offer the new tool as a free module in our existing restaurant software Little Restaurant", says Vincent Goemaere, CEO of Stardekk.

"We see immediate success, but this is only the beginning."

The Stardekk Takeaway Tool: an immediate success

Stardekk responds to Takeaway trend and helps customers generate more than 1 million euros in revenue.

"We see immediate success, in the first year our Takeaway Tool generated € 1,000,000 turnover. A flying start, but this is only the beginning", says Vincent Goemaere.

"The big advantage of the Stardekk Takeaway Tool is that it has been incorporated in our existing restaurant software. It's a hybrid system, where both online table orders and Takeaway orders are processed and managed in one central system. This offers extreme advantages for restaurant owners even after the Corona crisis," he explains.

"The unique part is that a payment module can be linked to all of this, so restaurants can already generate cash flow today and are sure that all orders are actually paid for and collected".

Stardekk sees many possibilities in the long term and will continue to optimise this tool.

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