Stardekk On The Road 2020: A flying start!

In February, we held the first sessions of Stardekk On The Road 2020 in Belgium & the Netherlands. Full house in Amsterdam, Breda and Bruges. All locations were fully booked. Wondering how it went? Just read along!

January 30, 2020
Stardekk On The Road 2020: A flying start!

Inspiring intro

Michael Wiesebron, our Director of Sales, gave an inspiring introduction. The “connected customer experience”, that’s what matters in 2020. Book a room and at the same time a table in the restaurant and tickets for the museum around the corner? Communication between multiple systems is more important than ever.

"Our mission nowadays is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world."

Boost your bookings with

It is's goal to follow the traveler in his journey and to build the best "connected trip" possible. The customer is not just a (future) hotel guest, but a traveler that wants to be advised in every step of the journey. Therefore, they aim to create a seamless experience on their platform, using innovative technology.

Stardekk On The Road 2020: A flying start!

More revenue with RevControl

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the hotel industry, Edwin Leenheer (Director of Operations at RevControl) knew exactly how to strike the right chord. Not just another product demo, in his sessions he revealed the secrets of competitive pricing. A real eye-opener for many!

Stardekk On The Road 2020: A flying start!

"We saw the need to professionalise revenue management for individual hotels and smaller hotel chains."


Hotel Tech Trends

New features like Instagram’s Look & Book, chatbots on booking sites and voice apps in the hotel room. Technology evolves quickly, and is even quicker adopted by a mass of people. As a hotelier, you should keep an eye on the latest trends. Which trends can help you to do upselling & cross-selling? Louis, account manager at Stardekk discussed it in his session!

Stardekk On The Road 2020: A flying start!

Networking opportunity

Three short but powerful sessions, the expert brought everyone up to date in no-time! Afterwards, the hoteliers could blow of some steam during a cozy networking moment. A snack, a drink, a chat, new connections, interesting conversations. A nice closer of the afternoon!

Next sessions?

Do you want to participate in Stardekk On The Road 2020?  You can! In spring, we continue our tour. We make a stop in different cities and even cross the national borders a few times. Discover all our locations and sign up quickly!  

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