Speed up check-in at your hotel

First impression lasts. Whether you like it or not, your check-in process sets the tone for the rest of your guest’s stay! If you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, you’d better take the time to optimise the check-in process at your accommodation!

September 16, 2021

Why a smooth check-in pays off

Speed up check-in at your hotel

  • We’re living in an on-demand world: everything, anywhere, anytime. The hotel industry must stay competitive and invest in smart technology to speed things up!
  • Providing a smooth check-in and check-out service is a great way to enhance the overall guest experience at your accommodation. It will not only satisfy leisure travellers (often with kids!), eager to discover the area. You will also be in good favour with hasty business travellers, on their way to the next meeting or trying to catch a flight.
  • Reducing check-in time and avoiding repetitive admin tasks allows you to warmly welcome your guests and to concentrate on a more personalised check-in experience. Time to really get to know your guests!

3 practical tips to speed up your check-in

#1 Collecting guest data

Collecting guest information is important to avoid fraude. As accomodation owner you need to identify your customer for safety reasons. Although most customers understand this, providing this information during check-in often causes frustrations. That said, in this modern world, there are many technological ways to speed up this process!

Bookingplanner All-In-One: Check-in feature

Bookingplanner All-in-One has a special check-in feature for Booking.com guests. Since – in most cases – a lot of bookings are made through Booking.com – this might really free up some time.

  • Easily collect your guests’ information (passport, ID card details) before their arrival.
  • Quickly access check-in information via the dashboard-button and manage check-in requests with one simple click.
  • Communicate with your guests in advance to provide them with crucial information (for example: tell them how they can pick up their keys)
  • Communicate with your guests after their stay to make them reconnect with your property and book again.
Speed up check-in at your hotel

This is a brand new feature, Stardekk is one of the first partners to implement this in Bookingplanner All-in-One Hotel Software.

Don’t know Bookingplanner All-in-One yet? Be sure to discover this All-In-One Hotel Software at Bookingplanner.com

365id: Global ID Verification

The 365id Scanner validates your customer's identity and seamlessly transfers the data directly to your PMS. By quickly scanning the ID document it makes your check-in process a lot faster and more secure

You can read more information about 365 ID in our Marketplace

Speed up check-in at your hotel

  • Detect fraud with false ID documents
  • Speed up check-in with a quick and effective identity control
  • Save the scanned ID in your PMS, no need for old-fashioned paper copies.

#2 Collecting payments

Do you already offer online payment possibilities? If not, high time to start now! As in many other industries, online payment is a rising trend in the hotel industry. Modern guests love the convenience of a cashless and carefree online payment. But timing is also a key issue. Do you still collect your payment at check-in or check-out time? There are other ways!

Bookingplanner All-in-One: payment requests

With Bookingplanner All-In-One you can send out a payment link before, during or after your guest’s stay.

  • Send out a payment request by email before, during or after your guest’s stay.
  • Offer multiple online payment methods thanks to connections with secure Payment providers.
  • Save time during check-in or check-out, so guests don’t have to wait for the bill.
Speed up check-in at your hotel

Sending out payment requests through your PMS is possible thanks to useful integrations with Payment Partners like Mollie and Stripe. Want to know which Payment Partners connect with our Hotel Software Bookingplanner All-in-One? Check out our Marketplace !

#3 Automation: bypass the front desk

Do you often have busy travellers at your accommodation, who don’t want to waste any time at the front desk? Then go for complete automation! With an automated check-in, you can offer codes to guests - who have paid online in advance – which allows them to access keycards or to immediatly go up to their room and open the door.

SALTO Space: smart-locking

Adding SALTO Space to your PMS integrations is a good way to avoid queues at the front desk. It’s a wire-free smart-locking platform for your hotel doors.

Curious? Check-out SALTO at our Marketplace to find out more.

Speed up check-in at your hotel
  • Your guests can access hotel rooms in an efficient and quick way.
  • It’s a flexible, safe and secure locking system
  • Users can open doors with credentials on their smartphone or smart keycard or by using a PIN number.
  • Easy management for you as accommodation-owner

Bookingplanner All-In-One

As listed above, Bookingplanner All-In-One offers a lot of check-in features that speed up the process. Combine this with useful integrations to grow & expand your business and you’ve got the complete package in one streamlined system.

Interested? Just try it for free!

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