Privacy & Data protection: With Stardekk, you're safe!

Tuesday 28 January: Privacy & Data protection day. How does Stardekk deal with sensitive data of online reservations? We had a chat with Kurt, our IT & Operations Manager!

January 27, 2020

Data protection & Data privacy?

Hoteliers use our cloud software, for instance our Booking Engine, Channel Manager or PMS, to receive and process online reservations. Safe processing of these reservation information by our software is a must.

The exchange of reservation details always happens encrypted. The details are encoded to make sure cyber criminals or hackers can’t read it. This is crucial, especially when it comes to sensitive data such as credit card information.

The communication between Stardekk Software systems and other third party software systems goes through secured APIs. Everything is subjected to regulation, we do not communicate all information to the third parties, only necessary or functional information is exchanged.

"Stardekk is PCI-compliant for many years"


In order to deal with sensitive data in a secured way, we undergo a yearly audit. If we get a good report, we receive a certificate that shows we’re PCI compliant. Stardekk has always passed and is PCI-compliant for many years now.


There are currently a lot of questions about the new PSD2 directive. Briefly summarised, this concerns a mandatory “double verification” when executing an online transaction. Credit card details alone are not sufficient to complete an online transaction, there must be an additional proof of identification

For hotel, B&B and restaurant owners, this new regulation is of great importance for no-shows. In fact, in case of a no-show, the customer’s credit card details are often used to charge a fee, a kind of compensation for not showing up. With the new PSD2 directive, these credit card details are no longer sufficient to carry out the online transaction.

"No-show? Credit card details ar no longer sufficient to carry out the online transaction."

We recommend that hospitality professionals work with a PSP (Payment Service Provider) to process online payment. These third parties, like for example Stripe, Mollie or Payconiq, will manage the online transactions and perform the double verification when necessary, so that the online payment can be made effectively.

Want to know more about connections with PSPs? Let us know! Ask all your questions below, we will answer them as soon as possible.

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