Packaged travelling: a new trend

Would you like to attract a new market segment & generate more bookings? Have you heard of packaged travelling? Various players are active in the packaged travel market. By capitalising on this market, you as a hotel or B&B, can increase your average daily rate (ADR). But how can you do this? Discover more in this article!

September 8, 2021

Discover packaged travel

Packaged... what?  Packaged travel stands for bundling travel products and selling them as one combined product, called a package or tour. The package then consists of a combination of overnight stays, food, transport and activities. A consumer (or travel agent) usually books the package in a single transaction. There are different types of packages, as well as different types of operators who compose these packages.

"As the distribution and selling of leisure travel continues to evolve, so will packaged travel."

Douglas Quinby, Analyst at Phocuswright

Types of packaged travel

When we talk about packaged travel, different terms are invariably used. This can sometimes cause confusion. We have listed the three most important terms, packaged travel, FIT travel and group travel, for you!

  • A package, or travel package, can include the following: flight, accommodation, rental car or transfer, day trips or activities, meals and travel insurance.
  • FIT was originally an abbreviation for "foreign independent travel", or leisure travel abroad without assistance or a fixed package structure. Today, FIT is more commonly referred to as "flexible independent travel" - the components of the itinerary may look like a package, but the itinerary is customised for the traveller.
  • Group travel includes packages and customised FITs for groups of leisure travellers. Generally, "group" refers to a minimum of 9 or 10 travellers; however, this definition is also flexible and varies greatly by travel industry sector and even by provider.
Packaged travelling: a new trend

Have you heard of G2 Travel?

G2 Travel is a dynamic and service-oriented tour operator that focuses on organising FIT and group travel around the world. G2 Travel has an in-depth knowledge of the destinations they serve and strives to build strong partnerships with their clients and suppliers. This enables them to offer seamless travel packages.

G2 Travel caters to both business and leisure clients and seeks to provide solutions in collaboration with their directly contracted hotel partners. They do so by establishing strong relationships with both larger hotel chains and independent hotels. More than 5500 hotels in Europe and North America have been carefully researched and individually contracted, specifically to meet the needs of G2 Travel's clients.

Packaged travel: an idea for more bookings

As a hotelier, it can be very interesting to partner up with a tour operator, as it can complement your own direct sales. By focusing on a B2B strategy, it will be possible to attract both business and leisure guests in group or FIT form.

Would you like to cooperate with G2 Travel? You can! We have listed the 3 main reasons why this partner is a good choice:

Packaged travelling: a new trend
  • G2 Travel focuses on a selected number of hotels which allows them to fully concentrate their marketing efforts and volume on them.
  • By collaborating with local commercial teams, G2 Travel can work directly with its partner hotels and thus realise growth together with them.
  • G2 Travel links seamlessly with Cubilis Channel Manager and has its own supporting technological solutions that allow hotels to update their rates and availability quickly and easily. In addition, you can create promotions to boost sales in low periods.

Let's get started!

Are you interested in exploring the packaged travel market? Be sure to check out our Marketplace. Our Cubilis Channel Manager connects seamlessly with G2 Travel.

Are you not a Stardekk client yet and want to discover the advantages of working with a channel manager on which you can arrange your occupation through various partners, possibly including G2 Travel, via a central platform? Request your free trial version now.

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