Meet Velma, the hotel chatbot!

Want to get more direct bookings? A chatbot on your hotel website offers many advantages. Check out our newest integration with Velma, the hotel chatbot developed by Quicktext.

October 2, 2020

Cubilis, the hotel booking engine developed by Stardekk is now compatible with Velma, a chatbot for hotels, created by Quicktext. Thanks to this new integration the chatbot Velma guides customers with ease through the direct booking process. This way, more customers complete the online booking process via the safe payment interface Cubilis.

"With Velma hotel chatbot we are making the hotel direct booking experience as easy as a Whatsapp conversation"

Benjamin Devisme, Quicktext.

The rise of chatbots in the hotel industry

For many years, Stardekk has been a partner for hoteliers in their online strategy. More than just one more technological integration, this new partnership between Cubilis and Quicktext makes it easy for hotels to leverage artificial intelligence and chatbot technology to reassure their guests and increase direct bookings.

Made in Louise Hotel in Brussels was the first hotel to benefit from this integration and the results went beyond their expectations. The second hotel to leverage AI to boost direct bookings is Leopold Hotel Brussels.

Velma: a chatbot and booking channel

The Chatbot is nowadays an entry portal for many guests so it's logical that we offered them to book a room in the same environment. The integration between Cubilis and Quicktext offers the guest a new booking channel.

Meet Velma, the hotel chatbot!
"Guests are more hesitant than ever, so chatbots have become an added value of any hotel direct booking strategy."

"We have already seen bookings coming through our chatbot which is great news, it shows that customers are ready for this new way of booking, thanks to the information flow that is very clear which has a positive impact on the conversion. I have no doubt that Quicktext and Cubilis are a perfect match to enhance the guest experience", explains Martin Duchateau, Owner at Made In Louise Brussels

About Quicktext

Quicktext develops an AI-powered chatbot for hotels able to answer to most customer questions 24/7 in 22 languages. Velma, the chatbot designed by Quicktext, is able to drive customer engagement through the hotel live chat and the main instant communication channels. Most customers express doubts when booking a room. Velma, helps reassure potential customers by providing them the key information they need to make a decision. 

More information on the official Quicktext Website.

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