Do you want less administration and more time for your guests?

As an accommodation owner, we don't have to tell you that running a B&B or hotel involves a lot of administration. Do you spend hours manually maintaining lists, invoicing and reporting? Bookingplanner can be a great help and it gives you peace of mind, as it not only includes a handy overview of your reservations in the form of a digital agenda but also reduces administration tasks to a minimum.

May 11, 2021

Don't keep your guests waiting at check-in and check-out

When your guests arrive, they want to get into their rooms as soon as possible. So make sure you are well prepared and fully ready to welcome them. Thanks to the PMS, you have a clear overview of arriving and departing guests, even with group bookings.

With our PMS you can also export handy breakfast and cleaning lists. That way, you can make sure every room is properly cleaned and have an accurate overview of how many people are taking breakfast.

Do you want less administration and more time for your guests?
"PMS is like the backbone of your hotel or B&B and helps you manage all your back- and front office tasks in no-time."

Simplify your invoicing and reporting

Next to a smooth check-in and check-out, a correct and clear invoicing is an important part of the guest experience. With a Cloud PMS, this is also done safely and quickly.  Split or merge folios, configure extra costs such as certain extras or items from the minibar or send a secure payment link to the guest. You have a clear overview in the system.

Quickly generate mandatory reports for the authorities or export important data for analysis and discuss the results with other team members. Want to dive into the figures? Exporting to an Excel file is possible.

Greater focus on your guests

Do you want to build up a bond with your guests even before they enter your accommodation? Thanks to Bookingplanner Cloud PMS, you can approach your guests personally, even before check-in, using personalized email templates. You can inform them in advance about tourist attractions and restaurants in the area, the weather on the day of arrival, etc.

Even after their stay, you can keep in touch and email them for a review. Although all these emails are automated via the PMS, the guests still experience this as a pleasant, personal approach.

Do you want less administration and more time for your guests?

Go for a streamlined management

With a PMS system, you can also easily link with numerous other systems, allowing you to strive for the perfect guest experience. Link up with a high-performance channel manager or integrate a POS, PAY or KEY system for smooth processing at every step before, during and after the guest's stay.

Experience the benefits of a PMS

One of our customers, Boutique Hotel 't Fraeyhuis, has been a fan of our Property Management System for years. For them, it means a considerable gain of time and simplification in terms of administration and accounting.

Do you also want to perfect your guest experience? Request a free trial.

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