How to deal with the PSD2 regulations? 4 scenarios to follow!

From 1 January 2020, the PSD2 regulation will come into force, even for the hospitality industry. This new directive will make online payments easier, but above all safer for consumers. As a hospitality professional you often work with payment guarantees to prevent no-shows, so how to make your payments PSD2 proof? There are 4 possible ways!

December 8, 2020

Scenario 1: Customers pay at check-in or check-out.

Of course, the traditional way of working is still possible. You can have your guests pay at your accommodation at the beginning or end of their stay. This way you don't have to take any special measures. A disadvantage here, however, is that you do not have a payment guarantee in case of no-shows.

Scenario 2: Online payment via your Booking Engine, without payment provider (PSP)

How to deal with the PSD2 regulations? 4 scenarios to follow!

Using the booking module on your personal website, guests can easily book a room. Is your booking engine not linked to a payment provider? In this case, from 1 January, you no longer have a payment guarantee for no-shows, even if you ask the guest's credit card details during the online booking process. The new PSD2 regulations state that it is no longer sufficient to only ask for a customer's credit card details when you want to make an online payment.  

The current guarantee module in the Stardekk Booking Engine (based on credit card details) will continue to exist, but from 1 January there is a chance that you will no longer be able to credit the amount due if you are not linked to a payment provider (PSP).

Scenario 3: Online payments via OTAs

If you work with various online travel agencies (OTAs), please ask these parties for more information about the PSD2 legislation. 

This will enable you to find out whether your linked partners offer PSD2-compliant transaction options and to find out whether it is interesting for you to make use of them.

Scenario 4: Online payment via your Booking Engine, linked to payment provider (PSP)

This is the most secure situation for any accommodation owner. It is in fact advisable to use a payment provider (PSP) if you offer online payments and want guarantees for no-shows. By working with a payment provider, both you and your client are assured of secure payment. 

Do you use Stardekk Software? Then you can link up with the following partners (PSPs): Cubilis Marketplace. 

Have you made the choice and would you like to link your Stardekk Software with a payment provider? Ask for activation using the form below.

"It is advisable to use a PSP if you want guarantees for no-shows."

What about direct reservations via email, phone & walk-ins

The telephone and email sales (MOTO of Mail Order and Telephone Order) is one of the exceptions. To receive the payment, the credit card reader must be configured to transaction type MO-TO and you can process the payment without any difficulty. This process is completely separate from the Stardekk software and services.  Further information about this can be found at your payment terminal supplier.

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