How do I approach my guests at the right time?

As an operator, it is useful to map out the customer journey. This is actually the customer's path from orientation to reservation and continues even after the stay in your accommodation. You can optimise this customer journey using numerous software solutions.

July 7, 2021
How do I approach my guests at the right time?

Step 1: the online orientation

When someone wants to book a stay and does not have a concrete idea yet, search engines such as Google and Bing and online travel agencies (OTAs) such as, Expedia, and Airbnb are the first step.

It is therefore crucial that you can be found online via these channels. Even more so, that you stand out from other hotels, B&Bs, holiday rentals, ... . In a previous article, we already gave you tips to increase your online visibility. The most important things are your presence on various OTAs and your attractive website.

Looking for an OTA that can increase your online visibility? Be sure to check our marketplace for an extensive selection. In any case, choose OTAs that are in line with your target audience so that you catch the eye of your ideal customer. Once the choice is made, our channel manager is indispensable software to manage your prices and availabilities on all channels easily and in real-time.

In addition to your presence on OTAs, it is and remains important that your own website is up to scratch. The more reservations you can bring in via your own website, the less commission you have to pay.

At Stardekk, we can assist you in this phase of the customer journey with a professional template website that is live, mobile-friendly, and with your own look & feel in no time.

"Did you know that after discovering a suitable hotel on an OTA, no less than 50% still visit the personal hotel website?"
How do I approach my guests at the right time?

Step 2: the online reservation

And then the big moment: the customer decides. He or she wants to stay in your hotel or B&B. At this point in the customer journey, it is important that the traveller is immediately convinced of the best price and is then able to make a reservation easily.

A good converting website is therefore key. Thanks to Stardekk's booking engine, every reservation and online payment goes smoothly. Via our marketplace, you can choose which payment partners you want to work with.

The booking engine, which drives all your online reservations, also offers additional benefits. We also implement a rate box on your website: a handy tool that immediately shows the visitor that booking directly is always the cheapest option.

Step 3: Let the countdown begin

The traveller has made a reservation and is eagerly looking forward to his stay. Then it is nice that you keep the contact warm.  This is perfectly possible, without too much effort, with automated emails via our e-mailing tool.  For example, with recommendations for restaurants and places of interest in the region. You can also inform the customer about parking facilities, the menu in your restaurant...

Step 4: The stay

This brings us seamlessly to the next step in the journey: namely the actual stay of the customer. This has to be perfect from arrival to departure and our cloud PMS is a handy tool to help you in this process. In a previous article, we explained numerous advantages of a cloud PMS. But handy to know: a PMS does not only ensure a perfect overview, but also a considerable reduction of your administrative tasks.

Thanks to the PMS, you can offer a quick check-in and check-out, you can easily print handy lists for the breakfast or cleaning team, and your invoicing runs smoothly. Via PMS, you can also link with various KEY systems and cash registers or POS systems. These integrations ensure even greater customer satisfaction and a smaller workload for you and your staff.

Step 5: Communication after the stay

And then it's time to say goodbye: the customer checks out and heads home. Is the customer journey already over here? Not at all! It is also good to communicate with your guest after their stay. You can sound out (via an automated e-mail) how he or she experienced their stay and ask them to leave a review. But you can also try to generate a repeat visit by means of actions and promotions. Keep the contact warm and make the guest want to come back!

How do I approach my guests at the right time?

If you want more tips on how software can boost your business, be sure to read our most recent article on the subject.

Wondering how our software can make the contact with your guests even better? Request a free trial of one of our products.

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