eBook: Optimize your digital direct booking strategy.

Hotels are increasingly aware of the importance of direct bookings and are trying to anticipate on this. Hotels face two major challenges when trying to convince travelers to book directly. First of all, it is harder for a hotel to stand up to the big OTAs. In addition, the consumer is changing and becoming more demanding. Would you like to boost your direct bookings and better respond to the new consumer trends? Download our eBook now and discover our tips!

October 1, 2020
eBook: Optimize your digital direct booking strategy.

In this eBook you'll find:

  • An explanation about the dominance of OTAs and how you can work on a good balance.
  • A clear description of the new consumer trends and how to respond to them.
  • Targeted tips to start right away.

* This eBook is written in English.

In an ideal world, all travelers end up on your website right away and all reservations are 100% direct. However, there is a lot of competition on the market which makes that hotels and B&B's have to put some effort in convincing guests to book online. In this eBook you'll learn everything about how to use your strenghts to acquire more direct reservations... Get ready for an overload of tips & tricks!

In this eBook we'll help you develop your direct booking strategy, we'll give you some practical tips and you'll also get to see some inspiring examples. Get started right away, the download is free.

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