Cubilis Channel Manager now has real-time connection with Airbnb

Stardekk and Airbnb strengthen their partnership: As of today, the 2-way integration with Cubilis Channel Manager is possible. Thanks to this connection, owners of B&Bs, vacation rentals, hostels and apartments can quickly and easily manage their Airbnb ads in Cubilis.

September 18, 2018

Thanks to the full synchronisation with the Airbnb platform all double bookings are avoided, and prices and availability are shown in real-time. The update does not only makes managing easier for the owners, but it also offers a fast booking process.

Cubilis Channel Manager heeft nu een realtime koppeling met Airbnb

Which types of accommodations are eligible?

Airbnb sees hospitality as one of the most important features. Several criteria are important in this respect, such as that all accommodations should offer a pleasant and personal guest experience. This can be done, for example, by offering personalised excursions or local guided tours. Unique accommodations are also a must, this means that there should be characterful rooms. B&Bs, vacation rentals, hostels and apartments can certainly be suitable for this connection.

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