How do I attract more local guests?

2020 was the year when everyone rediscovered holidays in their own country and so it was also a good year for local tourism. Research shows that 75% of Belgians and Dutch people went on holiday in their own country last year and we expect similar figures for summer 2021.

May 20, 2021

With summer just around the corner, we can give you a few tips to make sure your hotel, B&B or holiday home attracts the attention of local tourists.

#tip1: Promote your accommodation on local booking channels

In addition to your commission-free reservations through your own website, reservations through external online booking channels are also very important for your return. Don't just think of the big players like or Airbnb, but also consciously choose for more local partners.

In Belgium, for example, the website Where to Stay in Flanders is enormously popular at the moment. Especially now that the legendary program Vlaanderen Vakantieland is back on the air and viewers are surprised weekly with holiday tips in their own country. In the Netherlands, you have where travelers can find attractive packages.

Make sure that your hotel is not only present on these websites, but that travelers can also immediately check your prices and availabilities and also make reservations.

How do I attract more local guests?

#tip2: Make sure you have a good price strategy

During the corona crisis, it was an option to charge lower rates because you did not offer certain services, such as dining in the restaurant or wellness. Now all these things are allowed again, the price may increase but communicate this openly to your guests.

These price increases will not slow down bookings. Travelers are eager to go on a trip again and are willing to pay the right price for it. Especially if there's a good quality of the services and products.

Think about discounts for longer stays. Where your own country may have been a destination for a weekend break in the past, it is now the place to be for a holiday of a week or more. With attractive reductions such as 5+2 or 6+1, you can take advantage of this.

How do I attract more local guests?

#tip3: Provide attractive packages

Travellers also want a new total experience after so many months of staying home. Take advantage of this by putting together attractive packages that include not only an overnight stay but also dinner or a visit to a local attraction.

Also use your website and social media to highlight what is going on in the region, so that your guests can plan their holiday in advance.

#tip 4: Do not forget your direct bookings

Research shows that direct bookings have seen a rise during the corona crisis. Travelers preferred to book directly with the hotelier, rather than via an OTA. A good thing for you, because direct bookings are after all commission-free and very important for your business.

It is therefore crucial that people immediately find the right way on your website to book their stay directly with you. Our booking engine offers the following possibilities:

  • Handy price comparison tool
    Guests see at a glance the different rates you charge, directly and via online platforms. This way, they can see that booking directly is the cheapest option. 
    Find out everything about our rate box.
  • Smooth booking process
    Ensure a smooth and secure booking process. This is possible thanks to the integration of important payment partners.
    Discover all integration possibilities.
  • Pay attention to design and user-friendliness.
    With our booking engine, you can optionally choose specially designed web templates so that your own website has a professional look and is also mobile-friendly.
    Discover how we can take your website to the next level.

Request your free trial and attract more local guests.

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