Advantages of an all-in-one system

As a hotelier, you often have hundreds of different things that require your attention. There are different software solutions to better manage your hotel, but it may be difficult to know what tools to use. An all-in-one system is the ideal solution to manage your hotel in a clear and centralised way so that you can focus on what's most important: your guests. Are you curious why? We have listed the 5 biggest advantages in this article!

August 19, 2021

#1: Being connected

An all-in-one system helps you with various aspects of your hotel management such as check-in & check-out, breakfast and cleaning lists, the back office and invoicing. The different departments of your hotel work through the same system so that they are always in touch with each other. This way, you do not run into integration problems that often go hand in hand with a complexity of different systems. Everything is connected, so forget about manually retyping and informing everyone of what you have done!

Advantages of an all-in-one system

#2: A better user experience

When you have different systems interacting with each other, you always have to deal with different interfaces. Moreover, you have to learn how to work with all these systems and you do not have a central dashboard. An all-in-one system is in that sense easier to use for you and all your colleagues. New colleagues are trained faster and existing colleagues recognise the ease of working with one clear system.

For example, with our Bookingplanner all-in-one you can see all your reservations on one central platform, so you don't have to surf to the extranets of various booking sites. It is literally everything in one, as simple as that!

#3: Saving time

Probably the biggest advantage of an all-in-one system is that it saves time. This is because you have all your data in one place and do not have to transfer anything. Thus, manual work is reduced. Manually checking, reviewing, compiling and generating reports is very labour intensive. However, analysing your data is highly recommended. With our Bookingplanner you can easily learn from detailed reports. By basing your approach on data, you can more easily identify the needs of travellers.

In addition, with manual work, mistakes in reports or calculations easily creep in, which means that certain steps have to be repeated. Time is money, with an all-in-one system you can easily manage your business from one platform and gain valuable time that you can spend on your guests.

"Probably the biggest advantage of an all-in-one system is that it saves time"

#4: Focus on growth

By using an all-in-one system, you can cut costs and create more profit. You get these cost savings by saving time and gaining efficiency. With these freed up resources, you can then focus on growing your business:

  • For example, with the help of the various data and reports, you can further develop your business strategies and optimisations.
  • In addition, you can focus more on the contact with partners and online communication on social media or on your website. If you want more tips about social media, be sure to read our ebook!

Besides being a practical all-in-one package, our software is also based on open connectivity thanks to our Marketplace. Would you like to combine even more tools and applications? You can choose from more than 400 integrations that communicate well and smoothly with each other.

#5: More bookings, less administration

With Bookingplanner all-in-one, you get access to major booking sites like and Airbnb and you can connect with more than 400 partners. This goes hand in hand with better online visibility, allowing you to attract new customers all the time. Various tasks such as invoicing, drawing up cleaning lists and assigning rooms are taken over by one software package, which seriously reduces your administrative workload.

You can process your bookings and additional communication in the blink of an eye, ensuring the perfect guest experience. A satisfied guest means a positive review, which in the long run leads to more customers and therefore a higher occupancy rate!

Advantages of an all-in-one system

Ready to rock?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and step away from an overload of administration? Try our Bookingplanner all-in-one for free for 14 days. Request your free trial here!

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