5 reasons to sign up for Stardekk On The Road 2020

Stardekk On The Road 2020 is coming up. Additional locations, surprising guest speakers and trendy topics. You really want to clear your schedule for this inspiring afternoon event!

November 29, 2019
5 reasons to sign up for Stardekk On The Road 2020

1. SOTR 2019: a successful edition

Stardekk On The Road 2019 was a big success! More than 300 hospitality professionals were present at one of the 6 locations. Top speakers from Google and Customer Alliance spoke about the future of Google Hotel Ads and the importance of E-reputation. The Stardekk team discussed the OTA landscape & connectivity in 2019. We concluded the afternoon with a pleasant networking moment, after which the participants returned home inspired and with a lot of useful tips.

2. SOTR 2020: the extra mile

Due to success we are extending abroad! This year we are not only organising events in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also in Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. As always, we are accompanied by some partners, this time Booking.com, RevControl and OTAInsights.

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3. Educational, inspiring & practical

Every day, hoteliers, B&B or holiday home owners give their best to achieve their goal: to give as many guests as possible the best possible stay. For many, Stardekk is a loyal partner who contributes to building their story. Either because of the qualitative connections with important partners, or because of our their software, which offers efficient solutions for time-consuming processes. This allows owners to focus on what really matters: the guest.

At Stardekk On The Road we will inform hospitality professionals of all kinds of new tech trends and crucial market insights. At the end of the afternoon you will also go home with a lot of practical tips & tricks.

4. Listen & learn from professional speakers

This year we will be accompanied by guest speakers from Booking.com & Revcontrol. Their inspiring keynotes will undoubtedly provide enough discussion during the network moments.

Booking.com gives you a glimpse of what's going on and takes you back to their strategic story. Upselling and cross-selling play an important role in this. How does this giant develop in the future and what is the vision behind it? You will discover it in their session!

RevControl shows you the secrets of good Revenue Management. Playing smart with your prizes can give you a competitive advantage and results in a maximum turnover. How and why you do this best you'll find out in their session.

Stardekk will inform you about some remarkable trends in the hospitality industry. What's hot and what's not in 2020? Where do you set your priorities? We'll bring you all the way up to speed!

"Great initiative! Varied and interesting topics, learned a lot."

5. Be part of the Stardekk family

In between the sessions there is an opportunity to catch up with colleagues & partners from the hospitality industry. The Stardekk team and our guest speakers are also at your service. These unique networking moments offer the opportunity to make new contacts (or maintain old ones) and get answers to all your questions. The fascinating chats in a relaxed atmosphere create a true community vibe: We're all part of the Stardekk Family!

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