Strategy Nov 4, 2019

eBook: Vacation Rental Trends

Stardekk invited HomeAway to talk about the latest trends in the vacation rental industry. A pleasant afternoon full of surprising facts & figures, practical tips & tricks and inspiring coffee conversations with colleagues and experts.

The vacation rental industry has exploded in recent years, nowadays vacation rentals make a large part of the travel industry. Do you want to take on the challenge and stand out among other hosts? Download this eBook, discover new market insights and keep up with the latest trends in the industry!

In the first part of this eBook we collected important upcoming trends in the VR industry. The second part reveals how to build a feeling of trust throughout the customer journey of your guests.

eBook: Vacation Rental Trends

In this eBook you'll discover


  • valuable market insights 
  • surprising facts & figures
  • upcoming trends
  • practical tips & tricks

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