Stardekk wins Innovation Award with Restobooker as groundbreaking product (2011)

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

Customers who have booked a table and do not show up without a warning, constitute a major loss of revenue for restaurants. To avoid this problem or to make the most efficient way to deal with it, Stardekk launched restaurant software called "Restobooker.com" at Horeca Expo 2011. Restobooker allows customers to check the availability of restaurants online and to book a table on a secure line. The restaurant asks the credit card details of the customer. If the customer does not show up, the restaurant can deduct money as a fine. The restaurant can determine the conditions, "fines" and the cancellation deadline itself. Restobooker is a fully reservation system for easily management of their daily agenda, to gain time and administration.
In 2018 Restobooker changed to Little Restaurant, the same product but more possibilities!