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Stardekk and Cercle Brugge prolong collaboration

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

Stardekk, the specialist in online reservation systems for the Hospitality industry (hotels & restaurants), is satisfied about the collaboration with Cercle Brugge. The association with Cercle helps the expansion of Stardekk. The company is growing steadily and is currently expanding very strongly internationally.

Vincent Goemaere feels very happy about the new contract with Cercle Brugge. His company, Stardekk, is a pioneer in the development of innovative online reservation software with celebrated products such as Cubilis and Little Restaurant. These are leading products on the cloud software market.
Cercle Brugge's ambitious project is fully in line with Stardekk's plans.

Marc Vanmaele, general coordinator of Cercle, is proud to be able to bind a loyal partner such as Stardekk for a longer period of time. A sign of confidence in the future.

The leap from accounting to business software (29 April 2016)

Belgian SMEs are increasingly using cloud solutions for their software. And thanks to Exact's platform, with apps and links to additional tools, the jump from accounting software to business software becomes easier.

We used to have software for accounting, invoicing and monitoring subscriptions, but that system didn't work fast enough,' says Vincent Goemaere, CEO of internet company Stardekk. 'Now that we're using Exact Cloud Business Software, we can work much faster and better in those areas. Stardekk is an internet company that has been active for 16 years, and that mainly supplies its applications to hotels.

Vincent wins the Brugschen Beer with Stardekk

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

In the City theatre of Bruges, the eleventh award "Den Brugschen Beer" was presented, in an organisation of JCI Brugge and in collaboration with the city. The prize was won by Vincent Goemaere from the digital agency Stardekk. The company recently moved to Baron Ruzettelaan, was founded in 1998 and has 2,500 customers worldwide. Den Jonghen Beer went to Bert Bernolet of the organization Solar without Borders. It uses solar energy in remote places in Africa and South America. For the first time in the history of the award, a student graduation project was awarded. The first laureate was Chesney Vanroy, with his final work on 'retargeting in the furniture sector'.

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Stardekk in the Triatlon newspaper (2012)

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

Since the beginning of the Triatlon through Bruges, Stardekk was a partner for all the online communication. A website, an online registration module, a forum, ... 

During the editions of 2011 and 2012, a unique newspaper was published by Triatlon Bruges in which Stardekk was mentioned with statements of several clients based in Bruges.

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Stardekk in the Triatlon newspaper (2011)

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

Vincent Goemaere founded Stardekk.com in 1998. The one-man business quickly grew into an important player on the market of internet applications (reservation systems, Channel Manager ...), web design and graophic design. Since the beginning of the Triatlon through Bruges, Stardekk made all graphic and web designs. 


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Het Nieuwsblad: 'Stardekk, an internet company in Bruges, wins the Innovation Award at Horeca Expo' (2011-10-15)

 Stardekk - Cloud hotel & Restaurant Software

The internet company Stardekk, based in Sint-Kruis, has won the Innovation Award 2011 with the application 'Restobooker". The Innovation Award is given to the company, during Horeca Expo, which offered a groundbreaking product or service to the hspotality industry in that year. 

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Federation of web designers hands out the first quality labels (2006-12-16)

On 14 December, 5 Flemish web developers received the first quality labels of FeWeb, the federation of web designers. The quality label rewards web developers who fill in all aspects of the profession in a sustainable way. The presentation was the culmination of the fourth annual conference of the young association. 

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Marketingfacts.nl: 'First quality label for Belgian web designers' (2006-12-16)

Feweb is the federation of web designers and consists of 450 companies. One of the objectives of the organisation is the professionalisation of the sector. This is achieved by a code of conduct that every Feweb member must comply with as from January 2007. The quality label is an extension of that code of conduct and optional. Members who wish to obtain the quality label must compile an administrative file on their company and services. This will be followed by an audit by KPMG. It is the Feweb Board of Directors, after advice from KPMG, that decides on the granting of the certificate. A Complaints Committee has now been set up within the organisation to monitor compliance with the code of conduct and the conditions of the quality label.

The labels were presented tonight at the annual Feweb Congress. Some of the speakers were Alain Heureux (Chairman IAB Belgium, and from 2007 chairman IAB Europe), William Visterin (editor-in-chief of the Belgian magazine Smart Business Strategies) and Stephan Fellinger.

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