Metasearch: a profitable way to promote your hotel or B&B?

The price is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a suitable place to stay. The goal of metasearch? To make price comparison easy for travelers!

July 30, 2020

Metasearch in a nutshell

When a traveler enters a search query on a metasearch site, it not only displays accommodations that match the search query, but also the room prices from different booking platforms. In this way, travellers can immediately see which booking site offers the most advantageous booking.

A metasearch site is therefore not a booking site. The comparative platform leads the visitor to the different booking sites that advertise the room in question on the platform. By promoting your own website through metasearch, you can increase your online visibility. Because the price on your personal website (often lower) is immediately compared to the price you charge on other booking channels (often higher), you also increase the chance of direct bookings.

"Faced with the same price on both an OTA and your personal website, 65% of consumers will choose to go direct."


Metasearch: advantages

1. More online visibility

Google is becoming a major player in the travel industry. Due to recent developments such as Google Maps and Google Hotel Ads, your personal website - if you don't advertise - gets less online visibility in search queries. Many Online Travel Agencies (OTA's) already promote your accommodation through Google or other metasearch platforms and end up with the bookings. Advertising via metasearch ensures that your own website is also included in the results!  

Metasearch: a profitable way to promote your hotel or B&B?

2. More direct bookings

A good online visibility is one thing, but you also have to convince the traveler to complete the booking via your own website. Via metasearch you target a target group that already has a high travel intention. They are already comparing prices! This means a higher chance of conversion (a completed booking). Moreover, the price of your personal website - often the most advantageous price - immediately catches the eye among the higher prices on your booking channels. This increases the chance of direct bookings.

Metasearch: a profitable way to promote your hotel or B&B?

3. You own guest data

After you have convinced the visitor, he can immediately click through to your website and complete the booking. No more need for extra comparisons, the traveler is sure to hit the best deal. This booking is a direct booking where you really own all the booking information of your guest. This makes good guest communication and retargeting after departure perfectly possible. In addition, it gives you a better insight into who your target group is, and consequently you can make smarter choices in terms of booking channels, metasearch platforms and pricing strategies. A win-win!

Metasearch: a profitable way to promote your hotel or B&B?


When you advertise on metasearch platforms, you'll use bidding strategies. You can choose between 2 payment models: the CPC model (Cost per Click) or the CPA model (Cost per Acquisition, per completed booking). Depending on the model and your bids, you will appear higher or lower in the search results. This should be checked per metasearch platform on which you want to advertise. The CPA model is closest to the commission model of booking sites. This makes it easy to compare: is your CPA less high than the commission you pay on many OTA's? Then metasearch is certainly an interesting track to try out. Dare to test and experiment, only in this way you really know what works and what doesn't.

"The prominence of meta bids over organic search results will continue to increase. Be well represented before it’s too late and you’re no longer appearing in searches."

Alasdair Snow, Triptease

Would you like to generate more direct reservations? Then it is very important that your prices are competitive and that the prices on your own website are cheaper than those on the booking channels you connect with. Otherwise your own website will not look good when the traveler makes the comparison on the metasearch platform. With a channel manager you can easily manage prices and availability on all channels, including metasearch sites. Be sure to check the possible partners your channel manager can connect with and minimize errors or transfers.

Do you use the Stardekk Channel Manager (Cubilis)? Then you can easily connect with metasearch platforms like Trivago and Tripadvisor. All possible partners can be found here.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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