Bleisure travel: A post pandemic trend

"Business or pleasure?" You have probably heard this sentence in a hotel scene in films or series. But now it has become a little outdated. The new trend bleisure (business & leisure) mixes business travel with leisure and creates a whole new travel experience. What exactly does bleisure mean and how do you respond to it?

August 26, 2021

What is bleisure travel?

Millennials are making up a growing proportion of the working population and this brings on new travel trends. A better work-life balance? This is possible thanks to bleisure travel. Bleisure means that business travellers combine their business trip with leisure activities. It's not about exploring the city after a day's work, but about booking a few extra days to combine the unpleasant with the pleasant. If you are going to a beautiful destination anyway, why not take the time to enjoy it?

"Bleisure will continue to grow."

Norm Rose, senior technology and corporate travel analyst at Phocuswright

What are the advantages of bleisure?

  • For hotels and B&Bs, the rise of the bleisure tourist means that visitors are willing to stay longer and spend more money during their business trips.
  • Many business customers return repeatedly to the same location. With business travellers, you have 50% less chance of cancellations and 60% more chance of them booking with you again. With this in mind, bleisure travellers are an attractive target group.
  • In addition, bleisure offers the opportunity to travel with a companion, the room is often already paid for by the company and the employee can then ask someone to travel together. This increases the number of guests in your hotel.

Bleisure - boom after pandemic

Now that the worst of the health crisis seems to be over, two trends - a flexible work environment and a renewed interest in travel - have caused bleisure travel to soar. Hotel groups are now focusing on leisure and all-inclusive packages to meet travellers' new expectations.  

"Bleisure will continue to grow," says Norm Rose, senior technology and corporate travel analyst at Phocuswright. Employees no longer only travel to places where customers are located, but also to places where they have always wanted to work or spend some time. This is a new trend that will continue.  

How can you attract bleisure guests?

It's clear that it's becoming increasingly interesting to attract business travellers, but how do you do this exactly? We have listed the three most important tips.  

#1: Invest in technology

93% of business travellers prefer hotels that use technology. In the first place, this means a strong and reliable WiFi connection and work spaces with the necessary gadgets (large screen for presentations, sufficient power points, internet cables, etc.). In addition, there is an increasing demand for IoT tools in hotel rooms and the use of apps for easy check-in and check-out.  

* IoT: Internet of things is the network of physical objects equipped with sensors, software and other technologies that are used to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

#2: Work with the right distribution channels

Next, you need to think about how best to reach business travellers. Some distribution channels are specifically targeting business travel. Do you already know HRS, Powernapp, Hotel DE, G2 Travel and Worldmeetings? Working with corporate OTAs can be a way to increase the number of bleisure guests. This is because these travel agents specialise in arranging business travel and planning corporate events for their customers.

Bleisure travel: A post pandemic trend

#3: Ensure the right promotion

There are several ways to promote bleisure travel:  

  • Promote bleisure travel on your website and socials. Showcase the different facilities you have for business guests. Offer discounts on extra nights for business travellers or certain extras, such as a free ticket for public transport.
  • Work with packages. With the Cubilis Booking Engine you can promote different packages. This gives you the opportunity to create a package that combines business with extra leisure activities. Think of a package that gives your business guests the opportunity to add a gastronomic or sporty weekend package to their five working days.    
  • Promote your surroundings. Leisure guests often choose an area where there is a lot to do. Therefore, draw attention on your website to what the surrounding area has to offer.  

Let's do this!

Through our Cubilis Channel Manager you can connect with the right business partners and bring in more bleisure bookings. Are you convinced to get started and prepare for bleisure travel? Then use the form below to request your free trial.  

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