2021: Inspiring Social Media trends for hotels and B&Bs

The COVID pandemic had major impact on the Travel Industry, the travelers’ needs have changed permanently. Want to keep up and meet those new expectations? New strategies or services are required!

January 20, 2021

2021 will be the year to experiment and to try out new strategies, in order to reconnect with your (future) guests. Discover the big 5 for social media 2021 and get started!

#Trend 1: Authenticity & Interaction

2021: Inspiring Social Media trends for hotels and B&Bs

People connect with people. To connect with travelers in 2021, being authentic and real (even vulnerable!) is more important than ever. To show your guests that you’re not just another brand, try to humanize your business. This will help guests relate to your brand and increases the chance of interaction with them.  

Not sure how to be more human on social media? Finding the right tone of voice gets you started. Take your own brand image into account, as well as your target audience. How do you want to come across as hotel or B&B? Young & hip or rather businesslike & luxurious? What is your target group looking for? What appeals to your ideal guests?

Just as your tone of voice needs to be right, so does the visual aspect. Do you evoke the right feeling with your pictures? Are your visuals in line with your brand image? Are they authentic?

To increase interaction on social media, use a more approachable tone. Being transparent and conversational has been trendy for a while and is even more valuable in 2021. The Hendricks Hotel in Amsterdam does a great job already!


#Trend 2: User Generated Content (UGC)

In 2021, user generated content will occur even more on social media. Time to think about a unique hashtag that your guests can use when posting about your hotel or B&B!

This way you can reuse their content and provide excellent proof to potential customers that your accommodation is worth a visit! Your guests may have fewer followers on social media than professional influencers, but do not underestimate their impact! Amsterdam's Hotel Asterisk is already benefiting from it.

2021: Inspiring Social Media trends for hotels and B&Bs
"There is no better social proof than your audience talking about your brand."

Declan Cox, DC Social Media Consultancy (Hubspot Social Media Trends Report 2021)

#Trend 3: Nostalgia Marketing

2021: Inspiring Social Media trends for hotels and B&Bs

After such a turbulent year as 2020, you need to remind travelers of the good old days. Show them how it was, traveling without worrying, without a bunch of safety measures. Remind them how total freedom tasted like!

Creating nostalgic campaigns keeps the positive spirit alive. This optimistic attitude is not only a good way to handle this pandemic, it also ensures that guests keep your hotel or B&B in mind! When travel times are picking up again, they might consider your accommodation. The example of Hotel Beethoven meets this trend perfectly.

#Trend 4: Social Cause

Flaunting with your luxurious breakfast formula or indoor swimming pool might still attract a certain audience, however, it will not meet the requirements of Gen Z. In 2021, modern travelers are supporting businesses with social impact. As hotel or B&B you need to think bigger and go beyond your “normal” services. Create a real identity, so guests can really relate and trust you, rather than linking your brand with products or services.

Is your accommodation located in the middle of nature or, even better, have you received the “Green Key”? Then show off with that! Martin's Hotels is already doing well.

2021: Inspiring Social Media trends for hotels and B&Bs
"To succeed in 2021, consumers need to be at the center of your marketing strategy."

Hubspot Social Media Trends Report 2021

#Trend 5: A good strategy

Consistency is key!  

Moreover, it is very important to extend your visual style to your own website! This way, when guests are clicking through to your website, they don’t feel lost or suspicious.  A good strategy enables you to maintain focus, to think ahead and plan ahead. It saves you time and energy and makes room for creativity!

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