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Hotel package: web design

Invest in direct bookings: create your own hotel website

Having a nice web design for your hotel website is a good way to show off your hotel and facilities. When you are operating a hotel business you will definitely want to make sure that the design “speaks” to the hotelguest, which will result in more direct commission-free bookings.

Stardekk offers a hotel webdesign package, including a personalized graphic design with the following pages:

  • Hotel / B&B
  • Hotel packages
  • Photo gallery
  • Reviews (guestbook)
  • Social media integration (facebook, twitter, foursquare, google+)
  • Routemap (google maps)
  • Contact

Including domainname (if available), hosting, pop3 E-mail, CMS (Website Manager), Mobilebooker, 4 languages

Some references: Spoor 62 Belgium, Hotel Leopold Brussels, Cortijo El Guarda Spain, Hotel Blue Tower Amsterdam, Hotel Avenue Amsterdam .. see more projects at 

Want to buy or lease?

Please take a look at our special conditions:

If the client chooses for 'buying' the website, the contact lasts for minimal 24 months, starting from date the agreement was signed.  

If the client chooses for 'leasing' the website, the contract lastst for minimal 36 moths, starting from date the agreement was signed.

The development of the website takes at least 20 weeks for final delivery, if content and files are deliverd as requested by Stardekk. The subscriptions are lenghtened automatically for the same period of time, in case of buying 24 months - in case of leasing 36 months.

When a leasing contract is terminated early - the client will be offered a buying option. In this case, the fee will be higher then the remaining costs for the 3-year contract.

Termination of subscriptions should be notified 3 months in advance per mail or per letter ( The Stardekk office can be reached at:

Stardekk BVBA
Dienst administratie
Baron Ruzettelaan 25
8310 Assebroek

Please find our general conditions here