Rhenen (NL)
29 January - Finished

Stardekk On The Road in Rhenen will take place on Wednesday 29 January in Hotel 't Paviljoen. During the interactive workshops from 13.30 to 17.00 the following topics will be discussed:


  • Welcoming
  • Booking.com – Strategy: upselling & cross-selling
  • Revcontrol – Revenue Management, hoe werkt het? 
  • Stardekk – Hospitality Trends 2020
  • Networking moment


Hotel 't paviljoen, Grebbeweg 103-105, 3911 AV Rhenen, Nederland.

These workshops are free for all hospitality professionals.

Booking.com: Upselling & Cross-selling

Booking.com sheds some light on the strategic plan and underlines the importance of upselling & cross-selling. How does this giant develop in the future and what is the vision behind it?

RevControl: Revenue Management, how does it work?

A good Revenue Management results in a maximum turnover. How to play smart with your prizes in order to have a competitive advantage? RevControl shows you all the secrets!

Stardekk: Hospitality Trends 2020

Stardekk turns the spotlight on important hospitality trends. Which market developments are crucial for your business? We bring you a short but powerful update!

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