Why all hoteliers should focus on Generation Z, the future of travel!

Who/What is Generation Z?

Gen Z is a tech savvy generation born in 1996 or later. Growing up in a world of rapidly evolving technology, they have a unique perspective on the world. Technology is part of who they are, it’s what defines them. It’s a generation born into a social media world, constantly connected with friends, relatives and peers all over the world. A world they want to discover and see for themselves too.

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Why is Gen Z an interesting target group for hoteliers?

The millennials grew up, taking on more responsibilities at work and at home, so it’s time to also start focusing on the new, upcoming generation: Gen Z. Even though the oldest of Gen Z are only in their 20s, they already have an impact on the travel industry. Whether it’s by traveling their selves or by influencing their families’ travel decisions.

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TIP: Even if the Gen Zers are “only” the children of your clients, they should not be ignored! They will grow up and become potential clients. Furthermore, teens and young adults more and more tend to join their parents on holiday trips, rather than travelling on their own or with friends. So parents are often pleased when efforts are made to surprise their children. E.g.: Do not only treat the parents with a glass of Champaign on arrival, have something ready for the Gen Zer too.    


How to reach Generation Z?

Use all your digital and social channels to reach this young generation. That’s where they look for information and inspiration in the search to find their next travel destination.

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1) Increase your online visibility

Gen Zers search online to find their travel destinations. So, make sure your hotel website is visible in the organic (or even paid) search results on Google (which is still the biggest and most used Search Engine worldwide). Next to having a great scoring hotel website, being bookable on the major booking sites is a great help if you want to be top of mind. Gen Z uses all the online information it can find to compare all options.


2) Make your hotel website mobile friendly




Tech savvy as they are, Generation Zers mostly use smartphones during the online search for travel destinations, especially in the inspiration phase. A third even completes the booking on a mobile phone. Having a mobile-friendly website is key to convince them your accommodation is the perfect fit.






3) Offer best deals and promotions




Unlike the carefree Millennials, Generation Z is growing up in a time of recession which explains why they are trying to be more financially responsible. They do want to spend money on travel, but they’re always looking for the best deal. They want as much for their money as they can.

4) Use social media to sell the experience




According to Expedia Group, 66% of Generation Zers do not have a specific destination in mind. Through social media you can convince them your accommodation is located in a stunning area, definitely worthy of a visit! Post inspiring pictures or videos on your social media channels to convince Gen Z and remember: it’s all about selling the travel experience!

5) Generate and manage ratings and online reviews




Since Gen Z is always connected with friends and peers all over the world, online ratings and reviews play an important role in the decision process. The reviews on specific platforms like Tripadvisor or Yelp already have a significant impact. Posts and comments on social media made by friends and relatives (UGC) are considered even more trustworthy.