Phishing mails: What to do ?

What are phishingmails ?

Phishing is a form of internet fraud. A phishing mail is a fraudulent mail sent on behalf of Cubilis or Stardekk. The mail contains a link to a fake website (copy of the real website) with the request to log in or to share sensitive data (such as credit card information). Once you accept this email, the cybercriminal will have access to all this data.

What to do when you receive a suspicious email ?

  • Check the sender's email address, also for spelling mistakes
  • Check the domain name, also for spelling mistakes (e.g. Cubiliis.com)
  • Hover your mouse over the link. Does the URL look suspicious? Do not open the link.
  • Never share sensitive information via email (e.g. credit card information, passwords, guest information)
  • If you are not sure: please contact our support team at support@stardekk.com before clicking on hyperlinks or buttons.

A phishing email: What now?

  • Do not click on any links or buttons in the email
  • Block the sender and delete the email. Report this to support@stardekk.com
  • If you have already clicked on a link in the email, we advise you to change all your passwords, even the password of your mailbox.