What were the biggest problems you were facing before you heard of Myhotelshop?

We are an independent hotel, restaurant and meeting venue with a focus on high levels of service and offering a personal local touch. This of course is a labour intensive and time-consuming. Our biggest problems with regards to driving bookings online were : not enough time to manage our Google PPC campaign as well as we would have liked ; not being able to keep up with the rapid changes that are taking place (literally daily) in the digital marketing world ; tracking our performance and rate of return on investment ; getting and keeping visibility on meta search engines like Trivago ; fighting Booking.com and the other OTAs to get more direct bookings and lower are commission payments

How did Myhotelshop help you assist you on working on those problems?

I had my doubts about what Myhotelshop (or any other partner) could help us with but the responses I got to initial enquiries were prompt and focussed on what we needed. I didn’t need convincing of the value of what online digital marketing could provide but I was reassured that my direct business would grow with very little in the way of upfront costs. The mainly commission based model Myhotelshop offered based on increasing our revenue seemed ideal and the fact that I could pick and choose the aspects they would manage was a plus. The clincher for me was that they integrate well with Stardekk/Cubilis, so I got the best of both worlds – easy incresase in direct revenue controlled through my existing website and channel manager


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