Show your best rates real-time

Ratebox, a real-time price control widget

Cubilis Ratebox is a smart widget, showing your potential guest all live prices on multiple booking sites, but also the best price guarantee on its own hotel website, linked to the commission - free Cubilis hotel booking engine.

Cubilis Ratebox wants to break the myth that only booking sites would be cheaper.

This tool shows all rates through a simple online widget on your own hotel website, which displays the best price real-time, compared to booking sites. The hotel can attach special "discounts to book directly" on its own booking engine.

Through an easy-to-integrate widget all Cubilis customers can activate this tool on their website.

More info on ratebox.be

Ratebox wins the "Innovation award 2015" on Horeca Expo

Every year at Horeca Expo, there are a number of innovations awarded. For the third time in a row, Stardekk was nominated with one of his products. The Resto- and Mobile booker received in 2013 & 2014 the Pioneer Award.

In 2015 our Ratebox has been elected the most innovative product (within the category of services) of Horeca Expo and we have kept on innovating the Ratebox ever since!