How does Stardekk create your project?

To offer you a fast and quality service, and above all to avoid unpleasant surprices, we follow some steps so you can fully enjoy our smooth service.

  • Analysis
  • Structured plan & quote
  • Approval of quote
  • Wireframing Mock-ups
  • Preliminary graphic design
  • Development
  • Testing, approval & launch

1. Analysis: Exploratory discussion

The first step is to arrange an exploratory meeting, during which we try to get a clear idea of the project and identify your wishes and expectations.

Analysis: Exploratory discussion

2. Structured plan & quote

Based on our exploratory discussion, we put together a structured proposal and price quote, taking into account your specific requirements and your budget. Rest assured we will not offer you any functions that are superfluous to the project.

Structured plan & quote

3. Approval of quote

Once our quote has been formally accepted, we can get started on the preliminary design work. In the meantime, you collect all the necessary materials, such as texts and photos, etc.

Approval of quote

4. Wireframing Mock-ups

A structural analysis of a website is made through a wireframe. This mockup is a whiteboard drawing of your website, which allows Stardekk and you to think about placement of your different buttons and pictures.

Wireframing Mock-ups

5. Preliminary graphic design

Once you deliver the materials, we prepare a preliminary graphic design, which is then sent to you digitally for your perusal. We pride ourselves on our keen attention to detail and make any amendments (improvements) you suggest.

Preliminary graphic design

6. Development

As soon as you approve the preliminary design, we get to work on the detailed development work for the project.


7. Testing, approval + launch

The final step is for you to check the project thoroughly (content-wise). No detail is too small for us and all final improvements are incorporated. Once you have given your final approval, the project is delivered to you

Testing, approval + launch

Are you convinced or do you want more information?

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